Migrant Mountain, carved found wooden pieces and wooden ladder, from the series House, Sky, and Abyss, three increasingly open spaces

Series of photographs

Gerardo Camargo’s House, Sky, and Abyss presents a transformative series of works chronicling the relationship between natural environment and social constructs. A collection of carefully selected vinyl and paper works, presumptive photographs and organic sculptures create an unpredictable, visual dialogue in relation to ideas of existence and non-existence, construction and de-construction. Camargo’s fascination with human behavior and circumstance, led to his inspiration in creating through the use of found objects – fallen tree branches, rubber belts from neighborhood streets, soccer balls and even a gun found in a children’s park. These objects in combination with illusive imagery and pointillist abstractions take the viewer through three poetic spaces. House representing a safe, constructed refuge; Sky symbolizing an innocent dream and Abyss exploring a confrontation with reality. 

Jaynelle Clarke Hazard, May 2018. House, Sky, and Abyss wall text, Workhouse Art Center, Lorton VA     http://www.workhousearts.org/event/house-sky-and-abyss-gerardo-camargo/

Tribal Force, ceramic base and found football
Four Legs, plaster cast, carved wood branches, brick, and wooden table