Emptiness, site-specific instalation at Sala de Arte Publico, Proyecto Siqueiros, La Tallerarubble from local construction sites and chalk, Cuernavaca, Mexico, 2014

“Abstraction modus operandi is devastation, destruction (even if such destruction may sometimes herald creation)." Henry Lefebvre, The production of the Space.

Siqueiros' work was based on powerful and stable structures in which the relationship between geometry and the body comes to represent a new society, built by the working class.

To create this installation, I collected rubble of different colors and textures from a building that had been demolished to make way for a new government building. Mimicking the shapes of the murals above in a scattering of rubble triangles on the concrete plaza, I used this material to reflect instability and fluctuation. Instead of using the triangle as a symbol for stability and strength, I chose to comment on the idea that living conditions and human relationships based on economy crumble with time.